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meter audit services

Expert Work

Every Journeyman Meterman we employ is licensed and certified, with years of experience.

National Metering & Technical Services, LLC

can provide visual inspection to verify the condition of equipment, cabinets, conduits, and service entrances to ensure it is operating and registering accurately. Examples of information which may be provided are listed below:

• Site information with billing information to include

◦ Nameplate Data (Meter No, Form, Voltage, Wire, KH, Manufacturer) ◦ Service Voltage ◦ Multiplier ◦ Meter Location and GPS info

• Verification of Instrument Transformer (CT or PT) information to include:◦Shorting devices are open ◦CT/PT sizing ◦CT/PT polarity of the primary & secondary ◦CT/PT ratio ◦CT/PT burden

•Each service will be checked for corrosion and loose connections on all meterbases, CT's and PT's

•Service and meter phase angles can be recorded to determine if meter is wired correctly and also to provide a history of each service

•Other verifications as required

safety is number one

All our employees are trained on proper

PPE equipment and working safely.


  • Journeymen Metermen or Meter Technicians to supervise your AMI/AMR crews
  • Journeymen Metermen or Meter Technicians to perform meter changeouts on both single phase and three phase services
  • Experienced Meter Safety Trainers to audit your AMI/AMR meter safety training programs or provide safety training to your employees
  • Experienced and qualified Journeymen Metermen or Meter Technicians to inspect and test all types of meter installations
  • Journeymen Metermen to "Meter Mentor" your employees in all aspects of revenue metering
  • Inspection and notification of any suspected diversion or safety code violations
  • Meter audit services with detailed audit information and recommendations for future metering equipment maintenance or replacement 
  • Other meter services request as needed